Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sonia Kashuk Double Duty Brush Set Review

Sonia Kashuk Claims: 
Each brush takes on twice the application! This set contains a blusher/contour brush, foundation/concealer brush, large eye/ angled eye shadow brush, eyebrow comb/Crease shadow brush and case.

After having much success with Sonia Kashuk's Highlighting Brush I saw these at my local Target and decided to give these a try. Not only did I not have any of these brushes, but I also fell in love with the cute white case that came along with it. This set comes with four sets of brushes. 1. Blush/Contour 2. Foundation/Concealer 3. Large Eye/ Angled Eyeshadow 4. Eyebrow Comb/Crease and of course that cute white case.

When I first got this set I was mainly focusing on my Concealer & Eyebrow Comb as well as the Case. I didn't pay much attention to the other brushes because I wasn't into that much make up. The only thing that I was wearing on my face at the moment was M.A.C's Mineralized Skin Finish Natural and M.A.C's Studio Finish Concealer. The other brushes that came in the set were for "just in case" purposes. I didn't intended of using them at the moment. I ended up giving the Blush/Contour Brush to one of my friends since blush wasn't part of my life in that moment.

The other brushes in the set worked perfectly. I still use the Foundation/Concealer Brush. I mainly use the Concealer in for M.A.C's Paint Pot's. The foundation brush I use on other people or when blending colors in together. I feel that the Large Eye/Angled Eyeshadow Brush duo is an okay brush. The Large Eyeshadow brush is too big for my lids. The Angled Brush is too thick for precise thin lines. The Eyebrow Comb is one of my favorites, I can use it to separate my eyelashes when they get a bit clumpy.

Overall this brush set is pretty versatile for almost any situation. I really enjoy the look and feel of these brushes. I used these for mainly travel purposes until my case broke. I loved the quality of these Sonia Kashuk Double Duty Brushes that I ended up buying the full brushes on their own.

Lot's of Brushes
Good Quality
Blend Well

Large Eyeshadow Brush is Big
Angled Eyeshadow Brush is Thick
Contour Brush is Small

Over All Rating:

Sonia Kashuk Double Duty Brush Set can be purchased at Target & Target.com for $21.99 US.

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