Thursday, October 13, 2011

Johnson's Baby Shampoo Review

Johnson's Claims: 
This mild, tearless formula baby shampoo is as gentle to the eyes as pure water., Johnson's knows bath time is a special time to share with your baby, and when the two of you are bonding, there's no room for tears.

Some of you  make look at this review and think, "What is baby shampoo have to do with make up?" Well, I don't use it as anything to do with make up itself. It does have to do with the process of cleaning brushes. I started using baby shampoo to deep clean my make up brushes because I thought it was something important to do. Since bacteria builds up and my M.A.C Brush Cleanser was getting really expensive to constantly purchase and clean my brushes. So I decided on this route.

First off, it cleans my brushes magically and beautifully. It takes off all the color my other brush cleaners seem to leave behind. After I'm done cleaning them they are as white as they were when I first purchased them. Of course after I clean my brushes I add some hair conditioner to make them even softer. My brushes are in perfect shape and form.

Smells Great

Personally Use  A lot

Over All Rating:

Johnson's Baby Shampoo can be purchased at drug stores, markets, etc for around  $4.00 US.

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